IMG_00000171 - CopyOne of the best ways to enhance your landscape in the evening and at night is through a low-voltage landscape lighting system. We use excellent lighting products from FX Luminaire, Cast, Moonvision, Alliance, and others. Our clients enjoy the added safety, as well as the atmosphere that is provided with these systems. The benefits of a landscape lighting system include:

  • Landscape lighting reveals beauty already there and it creates new beauty with patterns of shadow and light.
  • These systems provide safety and security by replacing glaring security lights with glare free subtle illumination. Lights are positioned to direct low levels of lighting in all critical areas to assure safe movement throughout the property and to protect your home from intruders.
  • We position the lights around decks, patios, stairs, pool areas and walkways to provide just the right amount of soft lighting to create warm and inviting ambience.
  • Low voltage LED and halogen lighting systems consume only a very small fraction of energy compared to 120 volt lighting. The operation costs of low voltage lighting systems are extremely low, all of our systems use timers and/or photocells to control their operation.

You can trust us to create the perfect lighting design that fits your property and lifestyle. We are highly skilled at what we do and are professional in the way we do it.

Spring Tune-Ups

Our Canadian winter weather can be hard on lighting systems, heavy snow, ice and wind can cause lighting fixtures to move through the winter – changing the quality of light at night. Light bulbs may burn out or break and wires may rise to the surface with thawing. It is important to have your system serviced by our service crew each spring to fix any issues that may have arose through the winter.